Most sales and marketing people know they are burning many good leads that they’ve paid dearly for. Some go uncontacted and most contact cannot be seen or measured. Particle Sales mission is to ensure you leave no prospect behind. Our mobile applications enable you to contact everyone who is reachable and to see and measure the engagement.

CRM's Have A Blindspot

Businesses invest heavily in generating new leads, but many genuine prospects are lost because of a blindspot in CRMs. Once leads are distributed, CRM’s lose visibility and control until a sale occurs or not. And then its hard to work out why. To sales people they are becoming cumbersome record keeping tools that do not support action in their mobile world, causing disengagement and undermining sales team performance.

Particle - Sales Process in the Mobile world

At Particle Sales, we’ve addressed this blind spot, by updating the sales process for today’s mobile world. Our solutions give full visibility and control of the sales process; helping your sales agents to sell on the fly and tracking their success. You know in advance what your sales results will be and can make early calls on campaign effectiveness.

Liberate your sales agents to sell

Our Martin mobile solution does all the work for them, freeing them from deskbound CRM’s, so they can focus on closing new deals.

Predict your sales in advance

Particle Sales track and report on early indicators so you know in advance where you are headed and have time to course correct.

See campaign results in days

Winners are visible early, so you can double down on them. Poor campaigns or suppliers can be shut down before they hurt your bottom line.

Leave no prospect behind!

Let us show you how to capture all the prospects you’ve already paid for