The Final Frontier


Our mission is to help clients capture all the growth “they’ve already paid for” by taking control of their sales process. We are the first software solutions provider to specialise in sales process automation.


Our founders met while working in financial services. There, they developed a totally new approach to managing high volumes of leads for medium to large sales networks. One that is mobile centric and provides real time insights. It worked so well, they started this company.


Our business is called Particle Sales Accelerator. “Particle” because it tracks actions at the lowest level, for pinpoint accurate insights on sales drivers. “Sales” – well that’s the game. “Accelerator” because this unique method is the best way to accelerate sales growth in the mobile age.

Scott Graham

Managing Partner
Scott helps clients get the most out of our software solutions, ensuring timely implementation and game changing strategic consulting services. Prior to Particle, he worked in sales, marketing and IT leadership across packaged goods, automotive and finance industries. This included over 12 years in global and Latin American roles with Coca Cola and Ford.  Since returing he has  consulted and worked in leadership at NAB and Yellow Brick Road.

Bryn Nicholson

Chief Technology Officer
Bryn is the technical brains behind Particle’s various software solutions. His design skills are also critical in delivering successful integrations with our clients’ CRM and reporting platforms. Bryn has a strong background in design and delivery of software solutions in financial services organizations including Australia’s Westpac, Wizard and Yellow Brick Road and New Zealand’s ASB Bank. Bryn holds a Masters in Computer Science and Philosophy from Auckland University.

We've Been There

We’ve worked with or consulted to major global and regional brands across many industries and geographies. So we understand from within, the challenges and pressures presented by most sales environments, and what it takes to improve performance.

Tim Wang

Lead Developer 
A highly experienced software engineer, Tim leads all of our client integrations and reporting builds. He has over 10 years experience developing applications, integrations and reporting engines. Tim was the lead developer on Particle’s Maxwell application and our reporting suite. He holds a Masters of IT from the Univertisty of Technology, Sydney.

Ingrid Hilgerdenaar

Client Support
Ingrid services our clients, overseeing training, onboarding and day to day management. She has 12 years experience in account management in marketing services businesses.

Timely Support

We use lean methodology to get our client’s cutomisations to market quickly. Our dedicated client support team is on always standby to address any issues.

Innovative Ideas

Our founders have been developing software solutions since the 90’s and know how to leverage technology for strong commercial outcomes.

Advanced Technology

Particle’s technology stack uses modular, layered, open components to provide rapid integration and customisation. It’s highly secure and locally hosted.

Business Know How

We’ve worked across most industries and geographies and bring a detailed understanding of sales processes and what builds successful processes and teams.

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