Businesses invest heavily in generating new sales, but a sizeable proportion of genuine prospects are lost because of a blindspot in CRM software. Once leads are distributed, management loses visibility and control until a sale occurs or not. And then it’s hard to work out why. Most sales people are given cumbersome record keeping tools that do not support action in a mobile world.

Most CRM’s:

  • Do not enable the sales person to connect with prospects. A desk bound CRM is not a great help to a mobile sales exec. Busy chasing the next deal, they’ll struggle to recall who to call when or to access information on the lead when away from their desk.
  • Can’t track behaviour, so don’t know what your sales people are doing. Most sales people are diligent, but some less so; maybe cherry picking leads, or giving up after a call or two. If you can’t see their calls, you never know if they happened.
  • Depend on unreliable manual updates. Good sales people are rarely good record keepers. By the time they’re back at their desk and remember to update the CRM, they won’t remember each call clearly. Without good data, its hard to know what’s driving your sales.