We are changing our name… here’s why.

As we’ve grown, we’ve extended our offering so that today we are a full-service provider of automation across the entire sales process.

And today, we now support sales & financial service professionals in markets as diverse as mortgage broking, property marketing, aged care and wealth management across Australia and New Zealand. 

Most clients use our software to manage prospects all the way from enquiry to revenue. For one client, the process involves up to 30 touch points.

We’ve enabled communication well beyond calling, to include SMS, email, and meetings. We’ve made enquiries portable so they can be shared, duplicated and even brought back to life through canvas calls.

We’re close to release on our new Outlook365 integration, Zoom meetings, single sign-on and there’s much more to come later this year.

The purpose of all this furious activity?

Well, it’s to do whatever is needed to help our clients accelerate their sales growth

And now we’re changing our branding to ensure that it too conveys this purpose. 

So, we are changing our name to Particle Sales Accelerator. It’s what we do. Now it says so on the tin!

Nothing else is changing. Our ambition for our clients continues to burn bright, so we will maintain the breakneck pace of service expansion.

And we will continue to provide the same 99.99+% uptime reliability, high-quality day-to-day service and support that you have come to expect from our business.

Above all, we are committed to helping you accelerate your sales growth, and that’s why we are Particle Sales Accelerator.