Introducing Martin - the first mobile sales process manager


A financial services client was struggling to control its sales funnel. Leads would disappear into the CRM and there was no way of knowing whether and when the client was called. Their sales people were frustrated by and disinclined to update the clumsy CRM until a sale actually occurred. With a purchase process lasting six months, there was no way of knowing how the  quarterly campaign was performing until it was well and truly over.  Sales outcomes helped separate the performers from the others, but with no collection of data during the contact period, there was no way of knowing what drove performance.  Enter Martin – no not the guy in the pic – our new software app.

Martin changes everything

With Martin our client was able to track the lead from the moment it was sent. They knew when it was opened and whether it had been called. Their sales people were relieved from the burden of manual CRM updates. The result…50% improvement in conversion in the first six months and a year later a further 30% improvement in campaign ROI due to earlier campaign diagnostics.

  • Improvement in conversion after 6 months 50% 50%
  • Reduction in cost per lead after 12 months 30% 30%

Mobile Leads

Our technology adapts the sales process to today’s mobile world. Particle’s solutions help sales people engage prospects on the go. To convert, they first have to connect with the prospect. With the lead pulled to their phone, they are more likely to succeed. By connecting earlier and with the lead data to hand, conversion also increases. 

Predictive Analytics

Our mobile solutions track the user’s activity. We know when they made the call and we prompt the user to update lead status in the moment, while their recollections are still fresh. Now with reliable data, early in the sales process, you have the ability to predict sales well in advance, when you can still course correct or double down.

Particle’s unique sales solutions

Martin Lead Manager

Like a sales valet, our unique Martin app pulls leads to your sales persons phone. Our prompts and push button simplicity ensure timely action.

Prospect Tagging

We tag leads to collect activity along the way.  You can see your pipeline at the “particle” level and capture sales intelligence your competitors can’t match.

Predictive Dashboard

By tracking and tagging early sales activites, we generate predictive data so you know sales outcomes well ahead of your CRM, in time to course correct.

Online Training (BETA)

We provide actionable insight into your sales force, highlighting  opportunity areas. Our online training modules address the typical skill needs.

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